Thursday, 28 July 2011

Introduction - What is a LAN Party

Now before starting a full blown guide about LAN party's i think it would be best to inform you about what LAN party's are.

LAN (or local area network) Party is the term used to describe a bunch of people getting together linking there computers together using switches and routers and playing LAN games such as Age of Empires 2, Trackmania, CS 1.6 and Cod. LAN partys can range in size from 2 people to many Thousands of people. LAN partys are very fun when organized well and often occur overnight. Lots of fun, Laughing, Fragging (Killing each other in games), Eating of unhealthy food and Yelling can happen but it is all in good spirit :) If you havn been to a LAN before i suggest you check one out. Please continue to read my blog for more information about LAN partys including how to set up a lan party, what games to play, faq's, troubleshooting and how to make your LAN fun and low cost.

Until next time John Mickniny

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  1. Cool, thanks for that, i had no idea what a LAN party was, very informative


An image from the worlds largest LAN party