Friday, 29 July 2011

LAN Games

Games are one of the most important parts of a LAN party and im going to guide you through some of the best LAN games. There are three main types of games, Racing, Strategy and Shooting to start with im going to tell you about some good games from each of these genres and I will be posting an in depth game review once a week.

1. Racing
Track Mania
Racing games are lots of fun at LANs and usually don't require much head space.  The best free LAN racing game is by far trackmania which has lots (and lots) of tracks, low system requirements and doesn't lag it can be alot of fun and doesn't cost a cent.

2. Strategy

Age of empires 2.

Although strategy games usually take hours to play they are very fun. My favorite strategy games for LAN party's are Age of Empires 2 ( and Rise of nations ( Both of these games can be played with 2-8 people. Strategy games require lots of decision making from which civilization to when to move up an age. Both of these game are very polished, easy to learn and are fun for hours.

3. Shooting

CS 1.6
During a LAN shooting games are easily the most played games and there are so many to chose from. I am going to recommend some great fps (first person shooters) for you to play at your LAN.

Counter Strike 1.6:  Counter strike is one of the all time greatest LAN games. Although the graphics aren't amazing the game play and its ability to make you want to play it for hours on end is something not many other games have. Because of the older graphics there is barely any lag (if it is played on a good network) and the game is highly mod-able. (

Call of duty 4
Cod 1+4: The cod series is one of the most successful gaming series ever. This game has many modes, guns, maps and good graphics. Older games like COD 1 will also run on almost any computer and it is incredibly easy to create a dedicated server.Call of duty is a highly polished game that is well know by gamers and is alot of fun. (

Halo C
Halo Combat Evolved: Halo is different to other first person shooters because it includes vehicles (Fun), Is not based around human characters and doesn't have realistic weapons, istead focusing on plasma weapons instead. Halo is very fun and has many modes (including a very fun capture the flag) and has lots of maps and fun weapons like flame throwers, snipers and rocket launchers.

I hope you found this introduction into the world of LAN games fun and informative. This is just and introduction and i will be doing in depth reviews of these and many more games. If you enjoy my blog please subscribe.

Untill next time- John Mickniny


  1. Great Post :)

  2. Im am going to take all of your advice and try it out this weekend, hopefully it all goes to plan and i'll comment on this to tell you how it went :)


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