Thursday, 3 November 2011

Age of empires 2

Age of empires 2
Game review
Genre: Real time strategy/ history
Platform: PC
Target audience: 10<
Narrative: There is a very good campaign mode which follows the story of historical events
Characters: There are some special characters in the campaign mode like Joan of arc ect.
Age of Empires 2
Single/Multiplayer: There are very good single and multiplayer modes with the latter being available online and over a LAN.

Goals: N/A
Music: There is a very good soundtrack.
Play mode:
There are many play modes available including death match, Regicide (With a king) and random map.
Controls: The controls are very easy to use and mainly use the mouse to select units although there are many useful keyboard short cuts available.
Mechanisms to encourage player engagement levels: N/A
Strength: Strong consistent game play, Lots of civilizations, units, buildings and technology’s.  Great multiplayer.
Weaknesses: Graphics aren’t all that great although the gameplay makes up for it.
Help: There are In- game tutorials.
Time taken: Some multiplayer games can last up to 10 hours.
Rating 8/10.
Age of empires two is a real time strategy game released in 1999 by ensemble studios and it is available on PC and Macintosh. I think it is targeted and people aged over 10 but it is a very simple and addictive game. There is both single and multiplayer modes and they are both very comprehensive single player mode includes a campaign mode which follows a story like and requires you to win battles during a certain scenario and also just a simple death match against computer Enemies. There are many maps and the game can be tinkered to your choice. Multiplayer can be player over the internet or a LAN against up to 7 other people and is very fast and fun for hours on end. There are many maps and the same settings as the Single player mode against computer opponents.  A great feature of multiplayer is the ability to pause a game and resume it days later. There are many game modes including death match, random map, regicide and king of the hill.

Another great feature about age of empires 2 is the in game sound track, which compliments the game play well and has a medieval fell about it. The controls on age of empires are very simple, most things can be controlled using your mouse, however there are some useful keyboard short cuts available.

Age of empires 2 has many strengths. the gameplay is very consistent and fun and there are tons of civilisations, maps and units (infantry, archers, cavalry, siege weaponry, and naval units.) The civilizations also each include unique units and technologies making each individual but different. Some civilizations can favour certain tactics and they play a big influence in the game. Another  strength is the structure and economy of the game, users are required to harvest resources (Stone, Gold, Wood & Food) which can each be found from a variety of different sources and are used to purchase buildings, Units and Technology’s . Other strengths include fantastic Multiplayer, Great sound track and a very polished in-depth and simple to learn but very complicated if you want to take it seriously – it works on many levels.

The main weakness is the graphics, when you first play the game they seem very bad, but for a game made 11 years about they are stunning. Whilst the graphics initially seem bad once you play the game for a while you forget about them and the amazing gameplay takes over.

The game age of empires also features a great tutorial for first time players which teaches you the basics of the game. It is very in depth and a great inclusion.